Mosque Imam Malik

  • Place of worship
Imam Malik Mosque is the largest of the new city of Fes. King Mohammed VI has even visited for his Friday prayers.

Bannk of Maroc

  • Court and administration
Surrounded by massive columns and in typically Fassi architecture, the Bank of Morocco is one of the oldest and most impressive buildings in the city.

Wilaya of Fes

  • City hall and wilaya
Wilaya is a public administrative building that manages the needs of the city and its residents.

Mosque El Hamra

  • Place of worship
The Mosque El Hamra is a place of worship for Muslims. It was built by the Merinidas in the 7th century.

Synagogue Ibn Danan

  • Place of worship
Dating back to the 17th century, Ibn Danan synagogue was renovated between 1998 and 1999. It is now a place of worship, which bears the name of an ancient rabbi. The decor is rich and timeless and a symbol of Jewish-Moroccan history in the city.

Office of Tourisme

  • Tourism office
The office of Tourism of Fes is situated opposite the Place de la Resistance. You can find out about local events and programmes on site.