Taking a break

Taking a break
  • La Mezzanine

    Restaurant and cafe La Mezzanine is without a doubt the place to see and been seen with the trendy set in Fes who like to get together over a drink or a good meal. The lively lounge atmosphere, electro music, modern design, excellent cocktails and tapas, refined fusion cuisine, panoramic view of the Jnan Sbil gardens from the terrace are just a few things this place is sogreat. It’s all arranged so you’ll have a great night out in a cosy and laid-back atmosphere.

  • Cafe Clock

    The Café Clock is the first cultural cafe in the Fes medina. It’s a meeting spot for intellectuals. Beside quenching your thirst with a tea, cofee or an orange juice, you’ll find a number of activities, including workshops, lectures and even local artists performing in concert. An amazing place where culture is all around.

  • Cafe Jawharat

    Café Jawharat serves up a number of refreshing options like cocktails, juice and ice cream Also on the menu are house pizzas, perfect for a snack or a meal. Largely occupied by a younger crowd, the atmosphere is typically lively and friendly.