Must-see religious and cultural sites

Must-see religious and cultural sites
  • House Commerce

    It’s at La Maison d'Artisanat in Fes that you’ll find a large selection of leather good including poufs, slippers and other unusual objects. Take the opportunity to watch them at work, preparing products before your eyes with skillfully and with a unique expertise that only they have secret.

  • Weaving Berbery

    Near the famous Chouwara tanneries in Fes is the hidden shop selling traditional Berber weaving. Mohammed will welcome you in his authentic boutique with a mint tea, as women from the area skillfully and patiently spin the wool or cotton, inciting respect for the craft. You’ll find here the expertise and authenticity of Moroccan and Fassi heritage and their most beautiful carpets on display.

  • Dar Batha Museum

    In the heart of the medina is the centennial museum where ancestral objects are housed. You’ll find a large selection of artisanal products, Fassi art symbols: sculpted wood, embroidery, zellig, wrought iron, jewellery, money, carpets, to name a few. An exceptional collection of ceramics and pottery are a must-see. As a specialty to the city for more than 1,000 years, the famous Fes ceramics are known for their blue colour. You’ll also discover the astrolab, grandfather of our digital watches, a calculation tool invented by Hipparque, a Greek scholar from 2 B.C., calculating prayer times according to the sunrise. A revolution at the time and brings back memories of an era of great inventions and discoveries.

  • Museum of Arts and Festival du Bois

    Nejjarine Museum in Fes is the first private museum dedicated to the wooden arts and profession in Morocco. Located on a site nearly 300 years old, it gives a single look into the expertise and dexterity of Moroccan artists. The themed exhibits are spread out over three levels. The main floor displays the woodworking tools as well as domestic wood whose functions are almost entirely dedicated to daily life. The second floor is dedicated to liturgical Islamic wood, you’ll find prayer beds and other religious furniture. A sampling of traditional musical instruments made from wood as well as ancient arms are presented. An enriching visit that you’re sure to learn a lot about the Fassi traditions and culture and will show you the values of this exceptional city.

  • Gallery Chez Mehdi

    For those who love to spend hours rummage in search of a good find will be in heaven at Chez Mehdi in Fes. The variety of products range from jewellery, carpets, wedding belts, pottery, clothes, and at a competitive price. Plus Mehdi will even allow you to view his private collection, which he started 20 years ago. Don’t hesitate to pay a visit to this unique antique shop, it’s like a true Ali Baba cave.