Giving the gift of Made in Fes

Giving the gift of Made in Fes
  • Antiques Nejjarine

    Step inside Antiquités Nejjarine, a true Ali Baba cave. The numerous ancient objects, both typical and unique, are sure to fascinate you. Over a glass of tea, you'll learn about their history and use, which may be surprising!

  • The traditional art

    L'Art traditionnel specializes in creating cedar products. The artisans carve the wood, creating stunning results. Armoires, cabinets, diverse furnishings, but also doors and wall friezes. An art in itself.

  • House embroidered and Fes Brocade

    The Maison de Broderie et Brocart in Fes invites you to discover the dedicated work of local embroiders. Everything’s made by hand, most notably the beautiful table clothes and serviettes.

  • Gallery Chez Mehdi

    If you like to spend time bargain-hunting and antiquing for knick-knacks or even works of art, you’ll be in heaven at Chez Mehdi in Fes. A range of products including jewellery, carpets, wedding sashes, earthenware, clothing are available at a competitive price. Plus Mehdi will even allow you to view his private collection, which he started 20 years ago. It’s a must-see. Although be warned, it may be hard to leave here empty-handed.

  • The art of bronze

    L'Art du Bronze is a bazaar located in the heart of the Fes medina, the spiritual capital of Morocco. You’ll find a large selection of decorating items lending themselves to the discovery of a rich and ancestral artisan tradition.