Jardin Jnane Sbil: A breath of fresh air in the city

Per: Julien ANTINOFF  

CULTURE Built in the seventeenth century by Sultan Moulay Abdellah, the garden 'Jnane Sbil' has undergone major renovations over the past two years. Over seven acres, this place offers visitors a chance to see some very rare species of plants, a perfect escape.

After four years of work that was financially insured by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the protection of the environment, the garden Jnane Sbil reopened at the end of 2011. To ensure the maintenance and security of the site, the various municipal authorities, prefectural and regional authorities pledged 1.5 million dirhams for this natural gem. Created by the Sultan Moulay Abdellah, this vast garden contains more than 3,000 species, some of which are unique. To centuries later the site became accessible to the public. The place became a hub for singers, writers and thinkers to meet there as well as 'nationalists'. 

At the heart of 

Jnane Sbil consists of nine temporary gardens made by schools; Majorelle Garden, Arab-Andalusian garden, French garden, a garden maze, Oriental garden, Mexican garden, Sahara and Indian garden. Other important work has also been done such as the restoration of the bamboo garden, the reconstitution of the aisle washingtonia, improving the river banks and improving the ancient fountains hydraulic systems, canals, waterwheels have all been restored. 

Text Julien Antinoff

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR