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Following the stars through Fes

VISIT Rather than bothering with the traditional guide that will take all over Fes, why not focus on what you want to see? Officials in Fes thought the same. So they’ve developed a star system. Interested in historical sites? arts and crafts? gardens? Let the stars point you in the right direction. And Made in Medina assures you that you won’t get lost.

It’s a genius idea, one that not even Marrakech has implemented: guided thematic routes through the city . Six walks in total, including artisan, historical sites, Andalusian gardens, buildings and fortifications, are marked by a colour, logo and name of the route to prevent you from getting lost.

Think about buying a guide so you don’t miss a thing!
And with signs clearly marking the points of interest, you’ll know where to stop. Not sure what you’re looking at? A sign posted at each stop with descriptions in French, English, and Arabic provide an overview of the monument.

Now, you can leave your guide book at home, and let the signs guide you.

But if having a guidebook is like a security blanket, they are available at the tourism office and at many kiosks throughout the city for 100 dirhams/10 Euros. Found in most tourists pockets, the book is filled with maps and historical descriptions. However, the information posted on the signs at each location is detailed.

Each tour begins and ends near a car park, so parking and taxis are both options for starting your walk. You may welcome falling into a taxi following your tour, as most routes take approximately two hours.

Take a few tips from Mimoune
To get the most out of your tour, follow several paths. After purchasing a famous blue Fassie pottery piece, follow the purple signs to tour Fes Jdid, the old Jewish quarter. But aware, stopping here may cause you to leave with armfuls of jewellery. Then connect with the green path to see the palace and Andalousian gardens.

While Mimoune, our dromazebra, assures you that you will not get lost, he does have some tips. Avoid going on Fridays when the majority of the stores are closed and the streets are less safe. Or take the time to tour the biggest walking tour, buildings and fortifications, but do so in car or with a lot of energy: it’s more than 10 kilometres. Finally, don’t do as Mimoune did: if the tour takes you to a number of monuments, the gardians appreciate a few dirhams to see it.

Texte et photo : Mathias Chaillot
Translation: Mandy Sinclair