Craft circuits of Fez

Per: Julien ANTINOFF  

VISIT The city of Fez has just acquired six craft circuits in order to make it more accessible for visitors. These tours are not only new but an introduction to new technologies that will help

The 'Artisanat et Fes Medina' project, implemented by the program of the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), aims to promote the wealth of the imperial city, including the expertise of artisans from Fez, through the newly introduced circuits. The aim is to also promote the neighborhoods and the the production spaces of such crafts, that are too often ignored. After Marrakech, Fez is the second city of the Kingdom to benefit from such a program, with six circuits that contain more than 2,113 outlets. In total, spread over 21 kilometers in five medinas of 10.5km and several different circuits, including 'crafts', 'knowledge and skills', 'Monuments and souks', 'walls and fortification', 'Palaces and Andalusian gardens' and 'Fez Jdid'. These circuits have required 308 signs to be established. 

Internet and QR Code:

Also new in Fez, the implementation of promotional tools such as the development of a usable website, QR code and the publication of a tourist guide. The QR code, a kind of bar code that is scanned with a smartphone, giving direct access to a circuit and accurate information. Various sites and monuments can be visited virtually. 

Description of three circuits:

Walls and fortifications: the 2-3 hour bus ride allows visitors to explore and discover the architecural heritage of the city and the main doors (Royal Palace, Bab Ftouh, Kasbah Chrardas and Borj Nord). Crafts: 4 hours walk to discover workshops and craft outlets through the souks and secret passages into the mythical places of Place Lalla Yedouna, Fondouk Tazi and Henna Souk. Knowledge and Skills: 3 hours on foot of visiting the embroidery workshops, traditional weaving and brocade through Bab Guissa, Al Andalous Mosque and tanneries Chouara. 

Text Julien Antinoff

Translation Karen Athwal

Photo DR