Borj Nord, a historical site in Fes

HISTORIC PLACES Fes is known for its cultural history, and its unique historical sites, like Borj Nord.

Spread over 2,250 m², this building is considered a fundamental monument in the spiritual capital, having previously served as a fortress and surveillance station thanks to its view over the city.

Built during the Saadian reign in 1582 by Sultan Ahmed Al Mansour, this fortress reflects the evolution of military architecture, with Portugese influence. During the 17th century, the world’s largest canon factury was housed in the tower.

A large part of Borj Nord was renovated in 1963 to house the arms museum, Dar Snah, which houses 4,898 artifacts from Morocco, Europe, India and Asia, and traces the changes from the prehistoric era to the 20th century. On display are antediluvian pieces, knives, guns and canons.

Today, Borj Nord has become a majestic site which has kept its charm over the years.